King Media Entertainment IPO

candycrush-mobileKing Media Entertainment is set to be the biggest thing in the games industry after beating the dominant giant Zynga in a game of numbers. King is the creator of the popular mobile game “Candy Crush Saga.” The company recently declared that it would be debuting in the NYSE. The firm’s IPO will be valued at over $500 million, with a total company valuation of 7 billion. This means serious gains for King.

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“Candy Crush Saga” is a free app launched in March 2011 and on Facebook in 2012. It has gained tremendous popularity ever since its introduction on mobile. Estimates reveal that the company brags of about 94 million players use the app every day. You can download the app at no cost but this free trial version comes with limits to the features you can unlock and the levels you can play in the game.

The King-developed games provide synchronized game play that allow the Facebook users to connect their Facebook account while playing Candy Crush Saga or any other game on their tablet or smartphone device, thus allowing them to update their status across all social media. The Candy Crush Saga was launched on Facebook in April 2012 and afterwards it was launched on mobile as well (on both Android and iOS devices) later the same year. The game has been downloaded by tens of millions of users from all around the world.

King’s Revenue Model

candycrushbankThe company generates revenue by unlocking some special features and opening higher levels for its users at a price. Their revenue has rapidly ascended to an all-time high of $632 million in gross bookings in the 4th Quarter of 2013. Analysts are however worried that King may find it difficult to maintain this rapid growth. This may be due to the losses its counterparts are experiencing. While King boasts of its new moneymaker, other games makers are finding it hard to stay on top. “Ravio” maker seems to be struggling to remain in the limelight of its previous success “Angry Birds” and its biggest rival Zynga’s “Farmville” has dropped significantly since its IPO in 2011.

Mobile phone usage has sky rocketed over the years with the most amount of time consumed on mobile games. While there are many app builders and games makers on a neck-throat competition for the number one spot, King has hit it right this time. Candy Crush becomes the most played game in history with facts to back it up. The game is modest and simple to play and has many levels in which one advances as you triumph in a lower level. A few initial levels can be downloaded for free but as one advances to higher levels you have to pay to unlock the features in that level. All you have to do is to move the candies such that you position three candies of the same colour together. This simple game has topped the most downloaded app game list, bragging of over 93million users daily.

Here are figures about your favorite game that you may be interested in:

  • $500million –estimated IPO value for Candy Crush Saga
  • $632 million –gross bookings of the 4th Qtr. of 2013
  • $850,000 –daily income from users playing the game
  • 1 billion –number of times played in a day
  • 93 million –average number of users daily
  • 65 –the toughest level in the game.

While these facts remain true, the question everyone is asking is whether King will stay at the top of the game for a long time to come. This means that any subsequent item they launch should better or maintain the mark now set by their pride “candy crush saga.” Only time will tell whether this is a all-times victory or just another one-hit-wonder.